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Web statistics and search engine optimization

Search engine & site visitor traffic analysis:
For those of you building visitor traffic in the search engines, we provide sophisticated statistics systems that provide real time performance graphs and reports.
realtime website statistics system
You can analyze your visitor session traffic in a multitude of ways, including the ability to see the exact search engine phrase your visitors used to find your site (broken down by individual search engine). These powerful tools provide a major competitive edge for highly optimized search engine placement and results.

SQL hosting - Access database hosting online:
This has been our specialty since 1995, and our web servers are optimized specifically for this purpose. Our fees for SQL hosting or Access hosting are affordable and competitive; we also provide you with professional, personalized service and help when you need it. Whether your interests are corporate or personal, our high speed bandwidth and Windows IIS SQL hosting servers are dedicated to one thing: delivering your data to the world in an efficient, reliable manner. 

Access-to-SQL migration path:

All our  web hosting plans accommodate on-line Access database hosting, with generous disk space and bandwidth allocations. Microsoft Access will easily handle most requirements, but if you need a truly powerful system for high traffic demands, we also offer MS SQL Server. Access users can minimize costs at the outset, then easily migrate to a SQL database when warranted by site traffic (see Access vs SQL comparison article). We offer our clients a truly scalable solution, including the ability to ramp up from shared servers to dedicated servers and feeds when site activity demands the capacity.

Convenient eCommerce Solutions:
Exercise the option to use our customizable ASP based AeroCART shopping cart (uses Access or SQL hosting database), or install your own. Take advantage of our ASP based gateway system and secure servers for credit card processing, or use your existing or preferred service. Enjoy maximum flexibility if you plan to sell goods and services online.

Flexible email servers:
Our mail servers provide a generous allocation of standard POP accounts, administered via your secure browser console. In addition, each mail account user is provided with a fully featured browser based mail system that facilitates travel. Use any browser to access your mail account, and enjoy the freedom of controlling all aspects of your mail, including address book, spell checker, spam & virus filters, forwarding, multiple recipients, autoresponders, etc.

Rigorous backup and failsafe systems:
Our carefully managed growth strategy insures that the capacity of our servers is kept well ahead of current load conditions. This guarantees stable, continuous performance for your website, even under the most adverse traffic surges. Our "watchdog" dedicated monitoring servers alert us well in advance of potential trouble, allowing problems to be resolved long before your website delivery is affected. All servers use mirrored disk arrays (RAID) that back up data in real time, and our UPS system can provide backup power for months.

We take pride in making every possible effort to provide you with a comprehensive, professional, satisfying experience for your internet venture, and hope that we can be of service. We welcome you to peruse these pages and thank you for considering our online database systems ...