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How to proceed:
1. Examine the table and pick the best plan for your needs.
2. If creating a new domain, check availability here (a new window will be opened)
3. See the 'DEFINITIONS' section at the bottom for feature details. Please note: There is a one-time license fee for our AeroCART system.
4. To order via our SECURE SERVER, please click on the plan of your choice at the top of the table:

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Package Prices
(U.S. $)
Bronze Silver   Platinum
Setup Fee* $40 $60 $100
Monthly Rate** $25 $35 $55
6 Mo Prepaid -save 10% $135 $190 $295
Year Prepaid -save 20% + Setup $240 $335 $530
Package Features Bronze Silver  Platinum
Domain Registration* x x x
Live Statistics x x x
Search Engine Reports x x x
Page Counters x x x
Site Access via FTP x x x
Site Access via Frontpage x x x
24/7 System Wide Backup x x x
ASP/PHP support x x x
CGI Script Support x x x
Storage Space MB*** 200 400 600
Data Transfer MB/mo *** 1,000 2,000 3,000
Domain Aliasing**** x x x
Email POP Accounts 10 20 50
User Control of Email Setup x x x
Spam/Virus mail filters x x x
Email Browser Access (including WAP support for PDA, phones, etc) x x x
Email Forwarding x x x
Multiple Email Aliasing x x x
Email Autoresponders x x x
MS Access Compatible x x x
Secure Transactions
x x
Microsoft .NET Support (ASPX)
x x
MySQL - relational database)   x x
Free Shopping Cart-fully featured with multi-currency, inventory tracking, and many other features

Windows Media Server

Listserv (Mail List)

MS SQL Server


Setup Fee* Setup fee is waived if you prepay service for a year. Domain registration fee is not included in any package price.
Minimum Billing:** Minimum billing period is 3 months.
Storage & Bandwidth:*** Excess is charged at a nominal fee, or you have the option of upgrading your plan. Occasional overages are not charged for. Most sites will never exceed our generous limits.
Domain Aliasing:**** There is a one time server setup fee of $75 per domain alias.
 Server Loading: AeroHOST does not overload servers to cut costs. All servers are carefully monitored.
Domain Registration: InterNIC is the database system used to control registration of all website domain names in the U.S. If you want your own domain name, you must first register it. AeroHOST is a registration agency, so we can do this for you. We can also provide non-domain accounts for those that require total privacy.
A Non-Domain name looks like this:
A domain name looks like this:
The advantages of having your own domain are:
-Easier for visitors to remember
-Better listing priority in search engines
-Ability to move to different server without having to change name.
Live Statistics: Our system uses a unique 'live statistics' program to generate continuous, detailed information regarding the traffic on your website. It is far superior to the conventional system of undecipherable log files delivered weekly or monthly. See Demo
Search Engine Reports: Find out what 'search phrases' your visitors typed in which search engine to find your site. Another invaluable marketing tool.
Unlimited Page Counters: You may use page counters which DO NOT show you how long a visitor stayed on your site, or what they looked at. Not much point if you have our 'live statistics' system.
Site Access via FTP (File Transfer Protocol): This is a simple, internet based method of transferring files to (and from) your website, giving you complete control over content. See our 'software' page for a free FTP program.
Site Access via Frontpage: This is Microsoft's web authoring program for publishing your website.
24/7 System Wide Backup: Continuous system back-up, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
ASP/PHP Support: ASP is an open, compile-free application environment in which you can combine HTML, scripts and reusable ActiveX server components to create dynamic and powerful web-based business solutions (see also ASPX

Similar in function to ASP, but with cross-platform support, PHP is a server-side, HTML embedded scripting language that lets you create dynamic web pages.
CGI Script Support: CGI Scripts can be used to enhance websites in many ways, from simple page counters to forms management.
Storage Space Mb: Maximum hard drive storage space for your website files. We do not charge for occasional excesses. Most users will never exceed our generous limits.
Data Transfer Mb/mo.: Maximum amount of data per month due to traffic on your website. This can be monitored with the statistics program. We do not charge for occasional excesses. Most users will never exceed our generous limits.
Domain Aliasing: If you have several registered domains, such as '' and '', it can be set up so that visitors will see your main site at ''.
Email POP Accounts: An internet 'mailbox' that allows you to receive electronic mail from anywhere in the world at no charge.
User Control of Email Setup: A web browser interface is provided - add/delete/modify email addresses, including passwords, autoresponders, etc.
Email Browser Access: Check and maintain your email through any web browser while you're away - messages will still be there when you get back (if you don't delete them)
Email Forwarding: Your email can be automatically forwarded to your local mailbox so you don't have to maintain two mail accounts.
Email Aliasing: If you have multiple mail addresses on our server, they can be 'aliased' to a single mailbox so you don't need to maintain multiple accounts.
Email Autoresponders: Automatically send a response message to received mail.
MS Access Compatible: Microsoft Access is a powerful, user friendly database system that can be either server-based or used remotely. (See Demo)
Secure (SSL) Transactions: Allows for encrypted data transmission for on-line forms, such as credit card info, etc.
Shopping Cart Support: Install your own or use our powerful, customizable free shopping cart in conjunction with your choice of real-time credit card payment systems.
.NET Support (aspx): Microsoft .NET is a set of software technologies designed to connect your world of information, people, systems, and devices. The foundation of .NET is XML Web services: small, reusable applications written in Extensible Markup Language that allow users to connect with applications and data on the Internet.
Windows Media Server: A system for providing real-time audio messages on your site.
Listserv (Mail List): If you have a group of people with a common interest, they will all receive the email sent to this address. Likewise, their response will also be received by everybody else.
MS SQL Server: A server based 'heavy duty' database system from Microsoft for high traffic needs.