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Search engine marketing & web site design with XSite Pro generates Google Ad revenue:

Search engine marketing campaigns with PPC systems like Google AdSense and PPA affiliate programs like ClickBank that generate maximum revenue require web design software that can enable users to create, develop and manage large web sites with many pages of relevant content and keyword optimization. Affiliate link handling and tracking can get quite complicated, and the process is greatly enhanced if you have effective software tools that keep your structures properly organized.

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by Adrian Biffen
GM, Aerohost

I've been doing this with FrontPage for nearly 10 years, ever since FrontPage 97, for those of you that remember that struggle. Up until now, I haven't seen anything worthy enough to replace FrontPage - I needed something extra special to inspire me to go through yet another learning curve.

So I've put up with the frustrating experience of using FrontPage 2000 for the last five years, finding 'work arounds' to deal with its idiosyncrasies. Granted, it does do some things well, but it seems that for every good feature, it has a bad one, and I especially don't like the way it alters my html code without any indication that it is doing so - even when I have the code assist turned off. I was very wary of installing the bloated FrontPage 2003, so I've stayed with version 2000, hoping to find an alternative. We have been working with PPC advertising and affiliate programs, and I was looking in earnest for a solution that would allow me to create more relevant web content efficiently.

Enter XSite Pro Total Site from Paul Smithson & Intellimon Ltd:

XSite Pro is an affordable premium web site design and management tool that is a truly comprehensive alternative to authoring programs such as Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia's Dreamweaver. XSite Pro combines and automates all web management features such as page layout and replication, keyword and search engine optimization, navigation menu structures, Google AdSense ads, affiliate links, site maps, pop-up generators, audio recording, testimonials, page redirects, custom code libraries, site maps (including the new Google XML format that Google loves to use), robot spidering control, backup management, server uploading/publishing and many other functions. This is an XSite Pro sample site, demonstrating some of the many features of the XSite Pro Total Site Management concept.

It is very easy to use, with a great tutorial and very detailed well written manual, and a great support team. Building a large, fully featured multi-page web site is not for the faint hearted no matter what software tools you employ, but XSite Pro comes as close the ideal authoring environment that I have seen. In fact, it contains an 'enterprise level' management system that facilitates the inclusion of an unlimited number of complete multi-page web sites under numerous different campaign structures. You could design and manage the web design and online marketing programs for a 100 different clients with this product (or a 100 sites of your own). If you are new to web design, you should definitely give this product a try - it could save you months of frustration and non productive time. If you're an experienced user, take a look at how quickly you can expand your web enterprise.


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