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XSite Pro has excellent design documention: a detailed manual, interactive tutorial, online knowledgebase and forum

Any time I evaluate new software, I look carefully at the documention to see if it provides the information required for easy operation of the software. XSite Pro won't let you down in that regard - it has great documentation.

A huge 400+ page manual is included (pdf), as well as an excellent interactive tutorial where you create an actual real web site, and a comprehensive online help system built right into the program.

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by Adrian Biffen
GM, Aerohost

There is also a context sensitive help button in the lower toolbar that brings up the help information that is directly relevant to the section you are working on. All the wizards and dialog boxes have help buttons as well.                

 Here's a screen capture of the manual menu:  Here's the tutorial menu:
 XSite Pro web site design manual  web site design and search engine optimization tutorial

30 day risk free trial The authors have provided a great deal of good information about the theory and psychology of optimum web design and search engine ranking techniques, not just instructions on how the program works ... try it for yourself risk-free: Download XSite Pro