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Maximize Internet marketing campaigns with XSite Pro enterprise-wide web design and project management software

Internet marketing campaigns and affiliate programs, using search engines like Google, will generate maximum revenue if you use web management software that can be used to design, develop and administer large web sites with many pages of relevant content.

XSite Pro is such a program, and it goes well beyond single web site capabaility, providing an 'enterprise wide' management system that can handle literally hundreds of different web sites.

 search engine marketing tool provider
by Adrian Biffen
GM, Aerohost

XSP uses the 'project' metaphor at the highest level of its hierarchical management structure, then web sites are listed under each different project. Here's a partial screen capture of the management interface:

 project management for webmsters

The ability to manage your web activity on a large scale is an important capability, particularly when you discover that you can rapidly develop large multi-page web sites brimming with relevant content. I used to be satisfied if I could produce one page per day of optimized content, but XSite Pro has increased that expectation by an order of magnitude.

Now, when I get an inspiration, I can produce a ten page site in one day, that google will gobble up in no time, producing page one search results for the targeted keyword phrases almost every time. Quite frequently I attain the coveted 'page one, number one' ranking, and I get a great deal of satisfaction from that.

You can take it to extremes with totally automated content generation, but I don't go that far because I think that ultimately the returns will suffer. It's easy to spot sites created in that manner, even if the Googlebot initially can't, and the smart money says Google will probably nail it on the next update.

So I use XSite Pro to maximize my efficiency, but I still write most of the unique content copy myself, occasionally quoting other sources when it is appropriate.

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