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XSite Pro delivers a solid, risk-free guarantee of satisfaction for a year - or your money back:

Search engine marketing and web design software is an investment in both money and time. If a web developer likes the appearance of a program enough to buy it, and spend time learning it, then it should come with a money back guarantee if there are problems with it.

This is not only good for the designer, it's a good policy for the vendor as well, because it will soon become clear if there are unresolved issues with the product that need attention. 

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by Adrian Biffen
GM, Aerohost

30 day risk free trialA responsible return policy will ultimately result in more sales due to satisfied clients and thus benefit the vendor's business. Paul Smithson and the folks at Intellimon clearly agree with this policy as they grant a 30 day 'no quibbling' return and refund policy. This certainly gave me the confidence to try it out, not only because I could get my money refunded, but because it has to be good if they're offering a guarantee this strong.

I value my time more than the cost, and I felt there was a good chance the gamble would be successful in view of their refund policy as it could cost them a great deal of money if the product performed poorly and a large percentage of clients returned the product for a refund.

As it turns out, I love this program because I've realized it will save me countless hours of time and frustration, while producing top ranking positions in search engines like Google. A prominent search engine presence is basically a form of guaranteed steady income these days, if you know how to manage pay per click PPC advertising and affiliate programs.

In fact, I liked the product so much, I spent the time creating this web site to showcase and promote XSite Pro. Kudos, Intellimon!affiliate program and web design management program 

When we support a product that plays a key role in web development for our clients, we want to be sure we're able to speak to the integrity of the product and not mislead anyone. The best way to do that is for us to use it ourselves. This has been an important operating principle at Aerohost for the last ten years, and we have a large client base which is a good indication that our clientele is mostly in agreement with us.

For those of you wanting to know more about monetizing your web site, we've provided a recap of the Pay Per Click Ad systems we use (see menu on left). Also, please take note and visit our own ads in the margins of this page; these are the main programs that we use ourselves and they comprise a powerful online marketing toolkit that can't be beat! In my opinion, XSite Pro + Keywords Analyzer combine to make the most potent internet marketing design and management package you could buy ... try it for yourself risk-free: Download XSite Pro