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Search engine marketing: XSitePro delivers an unmatched feature set & functionality of numerous separate programs:

Search engine marketing and web design software is an investment in both money and time. Without a doubt, we can endorse XSite Pro as the most comprehensive web authoring package we have ever used. It is chock full of useful features and we've listed some of the principal ones below.

Considering that these are the features for Version 1.5, just released in 2005, it has very impressive capabilities:

 search engine marketing tool provider
by Adrian Biffen
GM, Aerohost

  • Create navigation menus that are automatically updated when you add, delete or modify pages 
  • The text you type in this field will appear as a tooltip when people hover their mouse over the link. It will also be read out to anyone using a screen reader so it can be worth typing something explanatory such as Click here to go to the order page
  • Use tokens in your pages as variables. For instance, the token %DATE% provides an easy way of inserting the date into your pages at the time of publication
  • Add Google Adsense ads into your web pages just by clicking with your mouse
  • Change the complete style of your web site any time you want in minutes
  • Publish changes to your web site with a single mouse click
  • Create two styles of standard site maps (logical and alphabetical) on your site by checking a checkbox
  • Create a special Google Sitemap XML file that will be uploaded when you publish your site (forces rapid GoogleBot indexing response)
  • Generate list of outbound links leaving your site to check for keywords inclusion
  • Display or print detailed reports of 'to do' lists that determine if all page parameters are correct before uploading to server
  • Create a links page that is easy to update, and benefit from reciprocal linking
  • Add targeted keyword optimized article pages to your site using a template system that maintains a standard professional layout
  • Automatically add keywords to the meta tags of every new web site or web page you create
  • Check SEO keyword density on each page and quickly make adjustments to maximize search engine ranking
  • Clean up affiliate links and prevent theft by using the redirect feature
  • Manage all of your affiliate schemes using the Affiliate Wizard to find the passwords and code you need when adding links
  • Create powerful pop-ups to your site that appear when the flexible criteria you specify are met
  • Use the the 130,000 word built-in spell-checker to kerrect spelling
  • Maintain a database of all of the essential information regarding web hosting such as usernames, passwords, mail server details, name servers and control panel links
  • Import pages that have been created with Content Desk, Article Automator, or from files on your hard drive
  • Control the robots.txt file and the robot headers on each page
  • Automatically add scripts on every page directly above the closing body tag (ideal for ad trackers like DynaTracker) or above and below the opening body tag
  • Paste code from Microsoft Word and FrontPage and have formatting automatically removed that can cause layout problems
  • Use the design wizard to create a testimonial box that includes tracks from Audio Generator
  • Fast backup and restore settings for any drive on your computer, including a networked drive

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