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XSite Pro includes a built-in search engine optimizer; create highly optimized Google pages

Search engine optomization is a complex skill requiring a thorough working knowledge of how search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN rank pages for a particular search engine phrase. Having an optimizer tool built right in to your web design software is a great benefit.

The process starts with keyword selection, and I can't emphasize enough the powerful role Keywords Analyzer plays in this role. It is simply the best program for finding top keywords and search engine niche markets.

 search engine marketing tool provider
by Adrian Biffen
GM, Aerohost

Combine it with the SEO optimizer in XSite Pro when you design your web site, and you've got an extremely powerful toolbox for maximizing your web site revenue. It is easy to use, and the best part is that you can change the parameters as the search engine optimization rules change over time.

Here's a screen capture of the search engine optimizer control screen in XSite Pro:

search engine optimization tool - XSite Pro

The rules are always changing. Search engine technology is constantly evolving. What works today might be a complete no-no tomorrow. Equally, optimization techniques which are a complete waste of time this week might get fabulous results this time next year.

The rules also vary from search engine to search engine. For example one search engine might have a rule that says that the search term must appear at least once in the title of the web page whereas another search engine might give priority to a web page that has the search term twice in the page title.

It is not simply a matter of mentioning your keyword exactly the right amount of times in your page title and body copy. Today's search engines are very sophisticated and rely on a whole host of factors to decide which site ranks best and which will end up at the bottom of the pile.

For example, over recent years there has been a growth in the importance of links. For a while the more links you had coming into your site the better. Then this became more sophisticated still when it wasn't just the link that mattered it was where the link came from (i.e. the site) and what the text was that was used on the link itself.

Something else that has gained in prominence over recent years is keyword proximity to the incoming link and other new techniques of improving the efficiency of search engine results are being introduced constantly.

For example incoming links that are within an appropriate distance to the keyword in question will help improve ranking more than links that are not close to the keyword in question.

It is impossible to create a search engine friendly page until you have done two things:

 1. Entered all of the information on the Info tab 
 2. Designed the page in Designer (i.e. the Design tab).  

Once you have done the above you can click on the SEO tab and start the process of making your page search engine friendly. There is an excellent, detailed guide in the help section on how to use the optimizer.

At first glance the SEO screen can seem a little daunting, but don't worry, you will quickly get used to what to look for and within no time at all you will be able to optimize any page you create within just a few minutes. Indeed, as you become more experienced at creating search engine friendly pages you will automatically use the techniques when you are initially building the page and so when you look at the SEO analysis there will be nothing, or very little, left for you to do.

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