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XSite Pro delivers unprecedented ease of use - this is a serious alternative to FrontPage and Dream Weaver:

I've spent many hours with web design software - often getting frustrated. What should be a simple design issue often turns into a major headache. Search engine marketing is complicated enough, without having to labor over basic site design glitches.

I'm always on the lookout for software that can save me time and money, and XSite qualifies! Everything in this program is easy, whether it's page layout or search engine optimization. 

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by Adrian Biffen
GM, Aerohost

I was able to download and install the program in less than ten minutes, and I had created a useful page in about another ten minutes. I spent a couple of hours studying the excellent 'hands on' tutorial, and by the next day I had created this web site, consisting of over 10 pages of relevant, highly optimized content that the GoogleBot was eating for breakfast when I arrived this morning.

The screens are clear and logical, and the buttons and controls adhere to familiar program conventions. Here's a partial screen capture of the design editor, just so you can get an idea of the look and feel:

search engine design optimization is a snap with XSite Pro

30 day risk free trialWithin the first half hour of use, any reservations I had quickly evaporated, and I knew it was going to become my web authoring program of choice ... try it for yourself risk-free: Download XSite Pro