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We have created a simple Microsoft Access database demonstration using SQL commands and ASP code that will query an online MS Access database consisting of 10,000 non-indexed records. The field values are populated simply with numbers from 1 to 10,000 so that you can deliberately search for records at the beginning, middle or end of the database to test the speed.

Please click here to open the Access database demo in a new window.

All our Access database hosting plans accommodate on-line use of Access database systems. Microsoft Access will easily handle most requirements, but if you need a truly powerful system for large traffic demands, we also offer MS SQL server. 

Access users can easily migrate to SQL when the site traffic warrants it. Please visit our SQL hosting page for migration information.

The Microsoft Access database is a full-featured multiuser relational database management system that is designed for the Microsoft Windows operating systems (such as Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000/03). 

Access is extremely visually oriented and easy to use. It makes extensive use of drag-and-drop and visual design for queries, forms, and reports. Access comes with an integrated development environment (IDE), including incremental compilation, a fully interactive visual debugger, breakpoints, and single step-through. 

These capabilities combine to make Microsoft Access an extremely powerful platform for developing client-server database solutions.

The maximum database size is 1 GB, but your database can include linked tables in other files, and its total size is limited only by available storage capacity. Number of characters in a Memo field can be up to 65,535 characters when entering data through the user interface or can be up to 1 GB when entering data programmatically.

Below the book resources are the general Access 97/2000 characteristics:


No. of concurrent users 255
No. of fields in a table 255
Database size 1 GB
No. of characters in an object name 64
No. of characters in a password 14
No. of characters in a user name or group name 20
No. of characters in a table name 64
No. of characters in a field name 64
No. of characters in a Text field 255
No. of characters in a Memo field 65,535 / 1 GB



Access Object

Maximum sizes/numbers