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Affiliate / associate program strategy - frequently asked questions

Please see our affiliate sign-up page

What are Aerohost's responsibilities?
We will provide you with the tools and support you need to maximize sales through your site. We also handle all communication and support for customers you refer to us.

I don't have a web site Can I still apply?
We require that you have a hosted website account on our servers in order for you to be a member of our affiliate program. We believe that you will be able to better promote a service you have experienced for yourself.

I do most of my promotion with email, is that permitted?
Please note that email SPAM is not permitted and will result in immediate account closure and forfeiture of all commissions. However, the use of a legitimate 'opt-in' mailing list is permissable - in fact, one of our database plug-ins for the Masterise™ Website Manager provides this exact functionality.

What if I operate more than one web site?
You can have multiple sites under one affiliate account. You can create links specifically for each site and generate reports that show link traffic for each site. You will receive one commission check for all sites.

How do I change my account information?
Once you have been accepted as an Affiliate, you will be given access to our affiliate area, where you can modify your account information.

Will becoming an Affiliate increase traffic to my site?
Our Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing program. It is not designed to help you increase traffic to your site; however, it enhances your site with content, so your user return rate may be higher.

How do I create links?
We will provide you with a link containing your affiliate code as soon as you sign up. We also have an automatic link generator in your admin area that creates HTML that you cut and paste into your web site. It is so easy to use even beginners can create links in seconds.

Where should I place the links on my site?
You should place links where they are easy for your site visitors to find, such as your homepage. Some areas you may want to place your links include your home page, your navigation bar, and any other traffic areas. If you place the links in an easily accessible location on your site, your visitors will be more likely to make a purchase.

How often should I update my links?
You do not have to constantly maintain your links - any new services offered to our clients will automatically be available to your referred visitors.

Can I use your content on my site?
Yes, but suggested graphics and descriptive texts will be made available to you and you are recommended to use them.

How much can I earn?
We can't predict how much you will earn from our Affiliate Program because we don't know anything about your web site or your visitors. We will tell you that you have the potential of earning thousands of dollars every month, particularly when you have built a network and a second tier network is in place.

How do I know how much commission I've earned?
Through affiliate interface you can access reports, which are updated daily, that provide information on impressions, click thorough, orders, and commissions earned.

How often do I get paid?
We will send you a commission payment via Paypal for the sales you referred to our site on the 15th of the following calendar month, provided your accrued commissions exceed $50.

What about credit card fraud?
If credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

How can I monitor my sales?
You can monitor your sales by accessing reports as often as you like through your admin section.

Who processes orders and handles customer service?
We do all of that for the customers that you refer to our site. All you have to do is place links on your site. We do the rest!

How will you know that the orders came from my site?
All links from your site to our site contain a unique identifier so that every time a user comes to us via your site, we know to credit you when a purchase is made.

How often can I run reports?
You can run reports daily if you wish. Our affiliate reporting area, is updated in realtime with the latest information about your site.

I operate more than one web site. Can you track them separately but pay me with one commission check?
Yes. You can have multiple sites under one Affiliate account. You can create links and generate reports specifically for each site, but you will receive one commission check for all of your sites.

What if I need to contact Aerohost?
There is a 'contact administrator' menu option in your admin area. Feel free to ask questions anytime; we want to help you benefit from this program.

Please see our affiliate sign-up page